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I think this is some kind of Government conspiracy

I think this is some kind of Government conspiracy


Zo came and found me! :O) @ZooeyDeschanel #goldenglobes


Zo came and found me! :O) @ZooeyDeschanel #goldenglobes

My picks of the best movies of 2011

This is in no particular order. I have not seen all the movies of 2011 so there are probably other movies that should be on this list.

Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol

To me this is the best Mission: Impossible movie yet! Props to Tom Cruise with the Dubai scene that took a lot of courage.  

Midnight in Paris

This movie took me by surprise, it was such a magical movie, one of the best by Woody Allen. I would love to travel to Paris now. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

The last moves of the great franchise, and definitely the best.  

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This movie is on the same level as the Swedish version. It was very graphic which I am glad. It had Great acting, great storyline, the villain was a little predictable. 

X-Men: First Class 

To me after the Wolverine movie X-Men was dead in the water. First Class changed that for me.  

Margin Call

A fictional account of the Wall Street crash of ‘07 a very good movie.

Tree of Life

A movie mostly shot through cinematography, this is one of the most beautiful films I’ve ever seen.


Yes another Brad Pitt movie on this list but it deserves it. Love this movie, Pitt did a great job.  

Super 8

This movie really reminded me when I was younger and did short movies back in high school. 

Fast Five

I was really never a fan of the Fast and the Furious movies, but this one was great with a lot action. 

New James Bond vs. The Old

After the news about Skyfall I was inspired to type a paper about James Bond, from past to present. 

                                         The Best James Bond

                                            By Grant Welsh

  Thinking of something that people love to fight about is who is the best James Bond, even though James Bond has other spy competition for example Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible movies. James Bond has been around for decades, and it seems each generations has their favorite James Bond, because there as been many James Bond movies. Each Bond movie is different just like the actors, some are very cheeky, other are half comedy half adventure, some have so much out of this world action scenes that the action it self is a comedy, and then you have a few that are serious. I was never a James Bond fan, to me most of the movies were just out of this world crap! Until I saw Daniel Craig James Bond movies. So I decided to watch every single James Bond movie, Sean Connery, George Lezenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig. And Im going to analyze each actor with my opinion. 

Sean Connery- The very first ‘official’ James Bond came on the big screen in 1962, and a movie franchise was born. Most people (mostly older) think that Connery was the best James Bond ever, hands down, no discussion. To me he was a great James Bond, but not the best. His first few movies were really good, and it seemed that the more movies they made the more silly it got. My favorite Sean Connery James Bond film was Thunderball, but there are others that I just hate, for example; Diamonds are Forever, and Goldfinger.


  George Lezenby- Man I really think this guy should not be in the list, because he was in only one movie, and he was replaced by Connery, after Connery left. Lezenby was the joker of the Bond movies, the whole puffy shirt gag that Austin Powers did came from Lezenby. This will be the shortest of all the paragraphs because he was only in one movie, and that one movie was very forgettable.

Roger Moore- Oh yes, this guy. I really hated the Roger Moore movies, this is the kind of cheeky James Bond movies I have been talking about. All of Moore’s movies are so unrealistic it just takes you out of the movie. He’s the kind of Bond who gets into a fight, and then winks at the camera. In this Bond fantasy land, Bond goes up to the moon to fight an evil man, it’s funny to me that no world government picked up on this suspicious man building a rocket to the moon, and building a base up there. Some might argue with me that is just a movie and to just… let it go. Okay fine I will let that go, but one thing people can’t argue with is that he was the clown of the James Bond movies…he was literally a clown. I just shake my head in embarrassment. Their’s one last thing I do not like about Moore’s James Bond; is that he had way to many unbelievable gadgets. Here’s a side note, has nobody thought that Moore’s James Bond was on the line of a rapist? Think about how Bond acted in the movies.


Timothy Dalton- Now I really like Timothy Dalton, although he was only in two movies, he brought something that no other actor (until Craig) brought to the franchise…character depth. Dalton was a Shakespearian trained actor, and it really shows. The movies still had some cheesy moments, and had some gadgets (nothing too unbelievable) but he actually made Bond more human, and relatable. To me Dalton is my second favorite James Bond.


Pierce Brosnan- He was the first James Bond I have seen in my life. The very first movie I saw was GoldenEye, and I first saw the movie when I was around 7 years old, and I loved it because I was a kid who just loved action movies. As I got older I started hating the movie even more, and also other Brosnan James Bond movies came out and it feel into the curse of becoming over the top with action, and gadgets. To me Brosnan was a mix between Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton, and thats not a great mix to have. When I saw Die Another Day this sealed the deal that I hated James Bond movies and refused to watch anything back in the past. Brosnan has good moments, but he really never brought anything in my opinion.


Daniel Craig- The newest actor to take on the James Bond films, starting with the positively reviews of Casino Royale. Just about every person I talk to, say that Casino Royale is the best Bond movie. To me Daniel Craig is the best Bond on screen. This subject is split right down the middle, because there are people who hate Craig, or love him. And after the mixed reviews of Quantum of Solace the opinions became even more split. To me Daniel Craig is the best James Bond so far, even though he has only been in two movies (now filming the third ‘Skyfall’) he knocks it out of the park in each movie. Casino Royale showed us a young Bond who is willing to kill anyone to get his target, and he is very arrogant. Than he falls in love (unknown in a Bond film) and after his love betrays him and then dies, Bond looses all control and is out for blood for the people who killed her, which brings us to Quantum of Solace a sequel to Casino Royale (another on head of) This movie showed a much gritty Bond, getting rid of the tuxedo and going rouge. Quantum of Solace was bashed by some because it had to much action and killing. Well all I got to say is the man is pissed and we see how pissed off, or heart broken Bond is, and for the first time ever I did not want to be Bond I felt sorry for him, and I know the could not have been accomplished if its hasn’t been for Daniel Craig.


So there is a little insight on everything James Bond, looking at the details of each James Bond. To me Daniel Craig is James Bond, he brings Bond back to being human, he does not have sex with every female, we can actually relate ourselves with him. Another thing is that Craig looks the role, he looks like a former SAS soldier and looks like he can kill. Everyone has an opinion on James Bond, we all have or favorites and worst, some might like other spy type movies, but James Bond is the grand-dad of all of them, with each one bring something a little different. 

The Apple Does Fall Far From the Tree.

Apple has been changing our world since the early 80’s with a visionary named Steve Jobs. Jobs new that computers were the future, and wanted to make computers easy to use so that everyone can use it. Apple has been coming out with new revolutionary products and has changed our lives, with computers, music, movies, phones, operating systems, and tablets. Each one of these products that Apple has put out has changed our lives in some way or form. 

The iMac; first concept was back in the 80’s called the ‘Lisa’, Lisa was way two expensive for the average house hold, but it help paved the way for Macintosh. Macintosh was released in 1984 and changed home computers forever, because back before the Mac and Lisa, people had to know code in order to get information out of computers, which was very difficult, people also had to build there own computers. Apple changed all of that with the Macintosh, it was pre build and easy to use. on a side note Apple changed the way they advertised there products at the 1984 Superbowl, doing a scene from the novel ‘1984’. Steve Jobs was fired a short time later after the Macintosh was released, but yet Apple was still some what successful. Until the 90’s Apple started really going down, near bankruptcy. At that time Steve Jobs was developing neXT a computer OS that helped designed movies, and created Pixar (redesigning movies forever with ‘Toy Story’). When Steve Jobs came back to Apple he brought neXT with him and really helped to take off Macintosh, changing the name to iMac. and creating an easy to use OS, from the neXT OS. It wasn’t until 2006 Apple started to change things with computers, by the ease of use, they also were a peace of art, most regular PC were cheaply designed, Apple decided to get away from the plastic to a one single peace of Aluminum. in 2010 Apple released a new MacBook air which was huge! Now other companies are making paper designed computers. Back in the 80’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were somewhat friends, until Bill Gates stole the designed and made the Windows computer. Steve Jobs joked that everything Apple puts out; Windows steels, and you can see it with OSX and Windows 7 now just how similar their operating system is, but Apple came out with it first.

The iPod, there was never something so special like this, mainly because this was the tool that brought back Apple from near death.  MP3 existed before the iPod but, they all sucked, they would only hold 10-20 songs, the battery life was crap, the MP3 was also huge, smaller then your CD player but it was wider, and the price was way over bored. in 2001 a Mac only iPod came out and took America by storm, it was a 5GB and could “hold 1000 songs in your pocket”. The next generation came out a year later and it was for Mac and PC, and the iPod was just an unstoppable force. In 2005 Apple released the iPod nano, and was very thin (also the nano was my first Apple purchase) the nano was so thin because it started using flash memory, really jump starting the flash memory revolution. So now you have the iPod nano, and its older bigger brother, so what else is next in line? Well we have an iPod touch, its just like the iPhone minus the phone. it is a multi touch screen iPod, with 8 GB to 16 GB of flash memory so now you have an iPod that plays you music, now you can watch movies on a wide screen (the iPod classic could play movies but on a little screen), now you can also browse the internet. Keep in mind no one in the competition really has nothing to stop or to slow down this Apple juggernaut. Sony tried and failed as did Dell. Microsoft came out with the Zune and it was going to be the “iPod killer” and the iPod ended up killing the Zune. There is a joke from Family Guy about the Zune and the iPod. Carter Puwterschmidt is at a party and is talking to Bill Gates and asks Bill “Hey Bill, will you help me program my Zune? Oh wait I have an iPod like everyone else.” So now the effect of the iPod is now in Pop culture. 

Well now you have the iPod and that is great and all but what made it so great? Well you can’t have an iPod without iTunes. iTunes is an online music store where you can buy individual songs, or CD’s from popular artist, and its legal. There was never something like this at the time usually online music means pirate music like Napster. Itunes also brought something in called Podcast, where every day people can release a show to the masses, and now people are making great livings from podcasts. People all over the world can listen to radio shows, or amateur podcasts for free. iTunes also brought in Movies, so you can bring your favorite movies where ever you go, and it went great with the iPod touch, and iPhone. Now iTunes was a big deal, still is, but other companies came out with there own versions like Amazon Market Place, and with movies you have Digital Copy’s. But the iPod is pretty much a monopoly item, so it really didn’t hurt Apple.    

Well I already talked about the iPod touch, but now I’m going to talk about where the iPod touch came from…the iPhone. The iPhone is another device that Apple came out with, that changed our lives. There was already smart phones, but the phones were not that smart. There as been touch screens like a Palm Pilot, but the touch screen was choppy, and was never great. The iPhone was also the first phone to have full internet. The first generation iPhone came out in 2007 and and was a game changer. Less then a year later the iPhone 3g came out and really changed everything, this new iPhone had the App Store, and it ran on 3G internet coverage. This phone was a hot seller. a year after that the iPhone 3 the iPhone 3GS came out, it had a video camera, and a much faster processor, and it had a 32GB hard drive this was also the first iPhone I owned. A year later Apple decided to change up the iPhone with the iPhone 4, it was completely redesigned, it came with an HD screen so you can now watch movies and other videos in full HD, you can also read text in HD. It came with a HD camera and something that was a little different, a front facing camera called a Face Timing camera. So now you can video call people, also you can video call on other phones and on the iPhone touch. It came with an A4 processor, and a 1GB of RAM. Now we have the newest iPhone— the iPhone 4s. The design of the phone is the same as the 4, but it has a 8MP camera with a low light filter, and as an A5 processor with 2GB of RAM, even the Face Timing camera has got an update. There is also another feature called Siri, a voice assistant that is only on the 4s. Right now I own the 4s and its great. The iPhone changed the way phones are made, though the iPhone is not a extreme juggernaut like the iPod was, granted it changed phones forever. Google decided to step into the ring and challenge Apple, with Android phones. And Google is the biggest competitor the Apple has. There as been other along the way to challenge the iPhone like RIM blackberry but now there failing, and Windows Phone, and the phone is no where near the powerhouse Apple and Google have. 

Now lets going something that is not as big as the iPod or iPhone, but yet its slowly taking over everything, the Apple TV. The Apple TV first came out in 2007, and you have itunes on your TV and it was not a huge hit. in 2010 Apple released a 3rd generation Apple TV it was very small and almost the size of an iPhone. This new Apple TV is night and day difference between the 3rd generation Apple TV. The hard drive in the Apple TV is only 8GB, which is low for watching and downloading movies, but it will not store movies, it streams movies in HD. You can rent HD movies the day it comes out, you can also rent some movies that are in theaters. You can also rent TV shows and watch Netflix. The Apple TV has jump started other competitions, like Roku Box, and google TV (which was a failure). Now people are canceling there cable network, and going with streaming boxes, and Netflix, which was made easy thanks to Apple. 

And finally the last thing that Apple did to change our lives (so far) is the iPad. The iPad came out in early 2010 and it was a hit, and it left Apple’s competitors scrambling to catch up, and in most ways they haven’t. The iPad is a tablet device, not a smart phone, nor a computer it right in the middle. People love it… I love it. The iPad is becoming big with schools and colleges, its cheaper to put all of those expansive textbooks on the the iPad. They are cheeper then some computer, and they’re so easy to cary around and the battery lasts 10 hours, which is a dream for business type people, who are on the go, and still need a computer, hell I wrote this entire paper on my iPad. In 2011 the iPad 2 came out with a faster processor, thiner, and it has two cameras on it. Competitors came out with there own kind of tablets, and most did not do very well, for example the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the HP Touch Pad (HP did so poorly they had to do a fire sell on there tablets). Barnes and Noble came out with an e-reader called a Nook, and its a great tablet computer, and so is the Amazon Kindle Fire which just came out. Though according to techland.com more people are planning to buy the iPad for Christmas even more so then the Fire, and Nook, even though both are cheaper. I call it the Kleenex effect, the average consumer are used to calling tissues Kleenex. It’s similar with the iPad, people like to refer to tablets as iPads.

Apple has been changing the world ever since Steve Jobs had a vision. Apple changed how we live our daily lives, Apple has been coming out with new revolutionary products and has changed our lives, with computers, music, movies, phones, operating systems, and tablets. Each one of these products that Apple has put out has changed our lives in some way or form. I guess it is safe to say that we can all say thanks to Steve Jobs and his visionary ideas. If it wasn’t for him, things here would be a lot different and a lot more boring. 

written by Grant Welsh

The Passing of Steve Jobs

There are not a lot of people that I look up to. The few I do look up to has inspired me; for example Tom Cruise for living in the moment, and for my love for movies, Salvador Dali for my paintings, LL Cool J for working out and fitness he changed my like dramatically, the Dalai Lama for being nice and respectful to everyone, and trying to find peace, and of course Steve Jobs the Cupertino kid who built revolutionary products, out of his garage to a multi billion dollar business, they have more money then the US Government. 

As you may know Steve Jobs passed away today (10/05/11) a man who I really looked up to and respected to follow my dreams, and not living your life for other people. If this is the first time hearing about it, than I am sorry for breaking the news to you. 

I remember buying my first Apple product, it was an iPod nano,and I was so excited that I finally owned something Apple for the first time. Today I own a MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV and now I will probably buy the new iPhone 4s. Steve was the best sells men ever, every keynote, you would get so excited waiting for the “one last thing” at the end of every keynote. That was Jobs he could sell ice to Eskimos. Steve once said “don’t live for dogma” meaning don’t live your life for anyone else, and that don’t take your life for granted, and to live in the moment! You can never connect the dots of your life by looking into the future but by looking back in the past.

I am very sad to see such a great man die so young, knowing he had so much more to give to us. Steve Jobs was a pioneer, the king of tech, and maybe a savior to others. I would like to end my blog by saying that my heart goes out to Steve’s friends and family, and anyone who felt that Steve was a close friend through his Apple products.

"No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.

"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." 

Steve Jobs
[Stanford commencement speech, June 2005]

if your thinking of buying the @BearGrylls Scout Knife it seems that the screws are falling out randomly, making it dangerous. It really worries me that they made it for scouts in mind and its falling apart with no warning, which could injure someone out in the wild. On the bright side the Ultimate Survival Knife is doing a damn good job! 

Why iOS is better than Android

One of the biggest debates I hear when it comes to apple iPhones, is that Android is better. I always disagree. Sure Android seems to be better on the outside. Android is an open market that means anyone can make any app for the Android phone and it does not have to be approved. This sounds like a pretty good deal, no one is watching you, and you can do whatever you want, but here is the reality. Thanks to non approval of apps, people can run viruses on any phone who downloads that app. There is a virus going around on Android phones, and what this virus does is download other apps with out approval, corrupts your data, and sends silent text messages jacking up your cell phone bill. 

So you know how many viruses are going around on iPhones? None! So to all the people saying that Apple is more “1984” than any other company! on the outside yes, but dig deeper and you will find and company trying to protect there product, while bringing users a nice simple interface.

My Review of the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife.